Magnetics Aerospace and Defense

Magnetics Aerospace and Defense, Inc. is the successor enterprise to Magnetics . Robert. Magnetics is the leader of the organization just as contract overseer and program chief for real projects. S.W. “Bill” Magnetics is our lead originator and chief specialist. Mr. Magnetics has been doing business planning and creating magnetometers since 1981. Mr. Magnetics has created attractive instrumentation for the U.S. Government as an immediate worker and hence for a few organizations including Magnetics Aerospace and Defense, Inc. (MA&D ).


The MA&D specialized staff has more than 70 years of consolidated involvement. We plan and produce ultra high-dependability fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers and Dacma Coil frameworks. We play out the innovative work important to push the cutting edge in sensor affectability, soundness, and low commotion execution.

Neodymium Ring Magnets

MA&D is broadly perceived by regarded individuals from established researchers. For instance, IBM’s Watson Research Center and the Germain Technical University in Berlin, are chipping away at isolated shared research ventures with MA&D to create major enhancements in the fluxgate magnetometer component. Moreover, we have taken an interest in SBIR programs before and are presently engaged with the advancement of new instruments for DARMA.

Notwithstanding our standard items, MA&D plans, creates and produces attractive field instrumentation to client’s determinations. We likewise perform ecological testing, attractive site reviews, instrument recalibration administrations and specialized counseling. Our completely coordinated test research center is accessible for rental.

cube magnet
cube magnets

MA&D ‘s research facility is situated in Brookeville , Maryland . The office is in a rustic, attractively calm area that is in a perfect world appropriate for exact attractive estimations. Our office is cutting edge, and is included a 900 square foot “calm research center” that is remote from the principle building and an extra 1,300 square feet of lab and office space. The research facility is totally prepared for get together and portrayal of attractive sensors. It is exceptionally mechanized and has two triaxial, shut circle servo controlled, Helmholtz Coil Systems; a 2 meter loop, and a 4.6 meter curl. This permits testing of enormous quantities of instruments quickly, precisely and with complete announcing abilities. The controllers keep up attractive fields correctly at wanted levels, even within the sight of enormous changes out of sight attractive field.

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